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25th Nov


We Will Speak Out & Speak Out Sunday

Jody 8x10_0.story imageNovember 25, 2012 has been designated by the United Nations as the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.”

Jodi Williams (Peace Prize laureate for her work to ban land mines) and the other leaders of the Nobel Women’s Initiative are taking part, as are many organizations throughout the world.

Today is “Speak Out! Sunday.”  
IMA World Health is supporting the UN campaign of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence with their “We Will Speak Out!” campaign designed to inspire people of all faiths to take leadership in abolishing intimate violence.  This is precisely the vision and mission of SAIV as well.

If your church or other faith community did not participate today, it’s not too late! After all, as the tide shifts across the globe around the issues of intimate violence, we are becoming aware that every day is the right day to speak out against abuse and in support of those who have survived.  The sermon and teaching guide,
“ONE IN THREE:  PREVENTING SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN OUR COMMUNITIES” is a Guide to Help Faith Leaders Educate Congregations and Communities about Sexual and Gender Based Violence. 

You can download the entire guide from this link:
For more general information, please visit:                     

It was my privilege to attend the EMO/ROSS (Ecumenical Ministries/Russian Oregon Social Services) panel entitled “We Will Speak Out” in September this year.  IMA World Health Director, Rick Santos, spoke movingly about the origins of the campaign to end Gender and Sexual Based Violence.   Rick’s work has taken him around the globe.  He was in Haiti at the time of the devastating earthquake and survived being buried under rubble for several days.  It was in Congo that “We Will Speak Out” was born.  You can read more about the work for peace and justice for women in Congo at this site: and gender-based violence and all forms of intimate violence are problems in every country and every culture.  The best place for us to address the issue is where we live: in our own families and communities, by speaking out and by becoming informed.

The SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE TO STOP INTIMATE VIOLENCE (SAIV) exists to inspire people of all faiths, leaders of all religions and spiritual traditions, to join together in raising our voices so as to break the silence in which intimate violence sadly flourishes.  Please consider visiting the SAIV website if you have not already done so and catching the vision of founders Riane Eisler and Betty Williams.  You will be “inspired to SAIV.”

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