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18th May


Uncovering the Roots of Violence

This month, you are invited to take part in the upcoming Center for Partnership Studies webinar, “Uncovering the Roots of Violence” and to read the story of webinar speaker, Julie Owens. In her own words, Julie shares how her life purpose was transformed & informed by the work of Dr. Riane Eisler.

Riane Eisler, internationally known for her work to reveal the deep historical and cultural foundations of misogyny and violence in books such as The Chalice and the Blade and Sacred Pleasure; Julie Owens, a ground-breaking trainer in the field of domestic violence prevention and victim advocacy, and Ron Clark, Church-Planter and Minister of Portland, Oregon’s Agape Church of Christ, who has authored Freeing the Oppressed and developed innovative approaches to enrolling clergy-people as effective advocates for those who are victimized or oppressed, in discussion with moderator, Renita Robinson, longtime advocate for victims of domestic violence and current Executive Director of YWCA, Green Bay. (Renita was featured in a previous SAIV Blog post entitled “Post Separation Abuse in Domestic Violence Cases,” link above.)

Click here to learn more about the Webinar and and speakers and to register today.

The webinar will be recorded; registrants will receive a link to the full session a few days after the event. Questions? Contact Ann:

Event co-sponsors:

Pathways to Safety International
Safe Alliance
Agape Church of Christ
Battering Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan
FaithTrust Institute
The Pixel Project
The North Carolina Council of Churches

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the publication of The Chalice and the Blade, Julie Owens shares the profound influence of Dr. Riane Eisler’s work in her life.

“When I read The Chalice and the Blade in 1989 it changed my life. I was 33 and had just survived a brutal kidnapping, stabbing and attempted murder by my estranged husband, who also attacked and stabbed my father, a prominent pastor. We knew nothing really of gender inequality and its role in violence against women, and did not know the how the history of women had been suppressed. The book educated me and profoundly impacted me, and was a huge part of influencing my becoming a political and social activist.

I left my career teaching special education, went back to college and focused on violence against women. I have become a leading national expert in the area of violence against women and human trafficking, having worked in trauma research, many forms of direct victim services, government oversight of violence against women programs and in other areas.

I am now an independent consultant and trainer, serving as the domestic violence trainer and consultant for Bank of America, and as an Expert Consultant for the Dept. of Justice Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center, as well as the DHHS National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center. I have been sent to train in other nations by the U.S. Dept. of State as well.

Much of my work has focused on training pastors and religious leaders to understand the history of violence against women and the responsibilities of the faith community in addressing it by supporting victims and holding abusers accountable, especially when they use religion as an excuse, or twist religious scriptures to suggest that men are “supposed to be the head of the family”, that “wives must submit to their husbands”, etc.

About 10 years ago I wrote to Riane to tell her how dog-eared and worn my copy of the book was and how much it had meant to me. I was so thrilled and very surprised to receive a new copy in the mail later, signed for me with a nice comment. Riane Eisler is a true shero. I cannot thank her enough for her research, her writing and her lifetime of work to make the world a more educated and a better place.”

– Julie A. Owens

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