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20th Oct


Duluth, MN Awarded Gold Prize from World Future Council’s Commission on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

The World Future Council’s Commission on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls, co-chaired by WFC Councilors Riane Eisler and  Vandana Shiva and directed by Karin Heisecke, awarded the best policy practices gold prize to the City of Duluth project at a ceremony in Geneva sponsored by the World Future Council, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and UN Women.

In a press release this October, the World Future Council announced that “the Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence by the City of Duluth in the US State of Minnesota is the winner of the 2014 Future Policy Award for Ending Violence against Women and Girls. It beat 24 other nominated policies to the prize. The Gold Award is to be presented to Minnesota Representative Michael Paymar from the Minnesota House of Representatives today at a ceremony in Geneva by the World Future Council, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and UN Women.”

“The Duluth Model won the Gold Award for effectively prioritizing the safety and autonomy of survivors while holding perpetrators to account through a coordinated response involving the whole community. This approach to implementing legislation on violence against women has since inspired violence protection laws and policies in other countries such as Austria, Germany, UK, Romania, and Australia.”

Read more on the World Future Council’s website about other entries and learn about the award and event that celebrates innovative policy solutions for ending violence against women and girls.

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