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8th Mar


What better way to meet Dr. Riane Eisler than through the voices of the women, young and old, whose own work and lives have been transformed over the past five decades by her work? The first in a series, written on International ...

11th Apr


Think of the young children in your life.  Now, picture the first thing that comes to mind when you read the phrase “connect the dots.”  For most of us, an image something like this one will pop up on our mental page, ...

30th Oct


I had so many reasons to feel grateful this morning ~ signs that change is on its way ~ hopeful notes to share in these last days of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2015.  I want to share them. But first, I need to post this photo ...

3rd May


Dr. Riane Eisler will be a featured speaker* at the Battered Mother’s Custody Conference  May 15-17, 2015   ♥  Secaucus, New Jersey.   Dr. Eisler’s lifetime of courageous work, exploring issues of justice and ...

1st Sep


Broken.  Silence.  Broken.  Silence. These words mean a great deal to survivors of intimate abuse. SAIV and our partners would like to see domestic violence included as a component of all theological education.  Our website ...

1st Oct


KBOO Interview with Dr. Riane Eisler, founder and President of the Center for Partnership Studies and Jensine Larsen, founder and CEO of World Pulse. “The Power of Women to Bring Real Change to the World!” September 6, 2013 KBOO / ...