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The Center for Partnership Studies (CPS) through its initiative, the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence (SAIV) offers a platform for strategic collaboration to end intimate violence that will contribute to the necessary cultural shift from the Dominator to Partnership model for family and social orientations.

Intimate Violence is a major global problem that engages faith communities for good or ill. Religious institutions have been both a problem and an important place for leadership toward ending intimate violence in the US and globally.

Expanding leadership capacity in faith communities: During a trauma, victims from rural, immigrant, and communities of color are five times more likely to seek the aid of clergy than any other professional.

Through SAIV, spiritual leaders and faith communities have an enhanced capacity, building on decades of faith-based expertise in training for the prevention and healthy response to violence.

This web site lifts up National and International interfaith leaders with decades of effective and powerful experience in providing tools for effective prevention and response to intimate violence within their own communities.