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1st Dec


A Teachable Moment for the Chiefs? Or just another Sunday football game?

kasandra-perkins_20121201164240_320_240She was twenty-two years old. Her friends describe her as a loving and optimistic person who wanted to be a school teacher. She had taken a break from her studies to have a baby. That baby, three months old, is now motherless and fatherless too. Baby’s father, Jovan Belcher, linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs shot and killed his child’s mother this morning and then killed himself.

It was Belcher’s mother who placed the call to
9-1-1 while he drove away to thank his coach. Only then did he kill himself.
A friend of Kasandra’s said that Belcher was upset with her for staying out too late and had been texting her at the restaurant to come home.

But Sunday’s game will go on! The Coach and the NFL and the “fans” have all decided that the Chiefs will play another losing game tomorrow, as planned. The Chiefs are losing more than a season if they let this moment slip away. They are losing the chance to be “winners” on a much bigger field.

A TEACHABLE MOMENT refers to a passing moment in time that can be seized for the power it holds to convey a lesson of importance. The Jerry Sandusky case became an extended moment to teach about child sexual abuse. Society was justifiably outraged and was not going to allow “the game to go on” —- though some at Penn State had turned a blind eye in hopes that it would.

Image-Jovan-Belcher-2NOVEMBER 25 – DECEMBER 10, 2012 has been designated by the United Nations as: 16 DAYS AGAINST GENDER VIOLENCE, a part of their campaign to END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.
A passing nod to Kasandra’s passing at tomorrow’s game

THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS have another reason that they should cancel Sunday’s game. This is not the first time they have lost a player to a homicide/suicide.
On September 15, 1980, Jim Tyrer shot and killed his wife, Martha. He murdered her while she was sleeping and while three of their four children (the youngest, Stephanie, was 11 at the time) were at home in bed. Jim Tyrer was an all Pro NFL Best Tackle player for the Chiefs. What happened?* We will never know, but we do know that three women are killed every single day in the United States by a boyfriend, a husband, or an ex-partner.
(* Matt Chaney’s blog post about football brain trauma makes an excellent point. The NFL has not wanted to acknowledge the fact that American football – it has now been proven – causes such brain damage that it may twist the player’s personality and even spur violence.)

They could host a telethon to benefit women’s shelters in KANSAS and could encourage other football teams to do the same.
Their coach could air an excellent documentary about domestic violence on TV and in the stadium for fans.
The NFL could assemble a panel of experts – who would be pleased to come at short notice – who could speak about violence against women and why it is men’s responsibility to lead the movement to ABOLISH VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN.
I’ve already contacted the Kansas City Chiefs at the link below (it took me 2 minutes) to share my thoughts. I hope you will join me.

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